G.R.E.E.N. Scavenger Hunt

Moving to a new city, especially abroad, can be a challenging and stressful experience! This is especially true when one has a lack of detailed information, knowledge and guidance about the city, its community life, and its offerings. Furthermore, it is even more difficult when one chooses to try and live in a sustainable way. This lifestyle requires a lot of research and exploration to … Continue reading G.R.E.E.N. Scavenger Hunt

Interview with Jonathan Stallegger

photo © Daniel Meas While out and about in Graz, one can see several bicycle messengers carrying big thermally insulated backpacks zipping through the traffic in the city. Velofood is an example of one such company that runs a delivery service which supplies customers with delicious dishes from over 60 selected restaurants in Graz. The food is always packed in biodegradable packaging while delivery is … Continue reading Interview with Jonathan Stallegger

Combining Sustainability with Art: The Kachara Waste Awareness Exhibition

A group of students enrolled in the Joint International Master Programme in Sustainable Development have taken on the project to create a fine art exhibition on the globally pressing challenge surrounding waste. The objective of the exhibition was to raise awareness on the issue of waste as a critical environmental and sustainability concern through self-expression in the art fields. The exhibition was named after the … Continue reading Combining Sustainability with Art: The Kachara Waste Awareness Exhibition

We did it! “Back to the Roots”

We noted before about our excitement for the three events we organized as part of the series “Back to the Roots.” This time, we want to share with you how the events went, and some of our learnings for potential future students interested in hosting similar events. First off, we organized this series as part of the Social Competences class for second year students of … Continue reading We did it! “Back to the Roots”

Hiroshima – Exchange Experience

University and Around Mountainous and vegetational scenery, industrial infrastructure, delicious food, friendly people, temples and castles all are features of Hiroshima prefecture. Hiroshima University (HU) is located roughly a 40 minutes’ train ride away from Hiroshima City, in the municipality of Higashi-Hiroshima which has a population of about 185,000. From old times, the region is famous for its sake brewing. The university’s campus is very … Continue reading Hiroshima – Exchange Experience